Kosher Certification

The Kashrut Inspection Into Their Production/ Processing/ Ingredients/ Chemicals/ Chametz (leaven) of Their Products.

The Product Should Complies with the Laws of Kashruth and are Processed/ Manufactured Under Halacha Reulations. No Animal Fats or Meat Borns are Used in the Processing/ Manufacturing. We Certify Companies in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal. Industries like Food, Beverages, Herbal Extracts, Phytochemicals, Natural & Synthetic Food Colors, Tea Mfgâs, Pharmaceuticals, Apiâs Dietary Herbal Supplements, Dehydrated Vegetables Powders Mfg. Fruits and Vegetable Powders Mfg. Natural Essential Oils Mfg., Aromatic Chemicals Mfg, Flavors & Fragrances Mfg. Formulation Mfg. Etc.


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